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The EDGE INSTITUTE empowers companies to achieve sustainable growth by providing engaging, hands-on WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS and customized GROWTH PROGRAMS. We focus on training leaders and business owners to MAKE DARING LEAPS.

We conduct business and marketing workshops for organizations and individuals looking to accelerate growth. Attend a workshop that Beth is speaking at or let us custom design a training program for your company or organization. Download our Edge Institute Brochure today or contact Beth for more details: beth@m-edge.com.

“Beyond her extensive marketing experience, Beth applied knowledge in Organizational Behavior and the ability to drive practical, adaptive marketing and training solutions that aligned with our organization’s maturity and culture.  Beth is very execution focused, consistently looking to move progress forward and measure impact.  I found her to be insightful, energetic and a trusted partner.”

- Darrell Fernandes, Head of IT Strategy and Planning
Fidelity Financial Services

“During the Business Growth Program we took with Beth, our team developed a deeper confidence in the ideas and plans that we already had and an enhanced understanding of what we need to do to achieve those goals. We also identified some new objectives for the company and now have a clear path to meet them. It was wonderful to work alongside other small businesses and to have the benefit of the training and one-on-one guidance from Beth. Her support was invaluable and, although we were truly excited to give our final presentation, the program end was bittersweet as we will certainly miss having Beth on our team.”
- Gayle Piraino
GAP Promotions

“This marketing class is optimal for me, as I have been working to make changes in our marketing plan, materials and approach for a year, but lack the confidence to launch them. Generally too busy working IN business, rather than ON business. This material is supportive to my making intelligent decisions based upon today’s market (both as I define it, as well as the reality of how reaching the customer has changed drastically). Thank you for the direction!”
- LC
MA-Based HVAC Firm

“Beth presented her no-stone-left-unturned approach to customer discovery and development at our Cleantech Open Accelerator Program. She clearly communicates the importance of basing marketing decisions on reported customer needs rather than just guesses. Not only was her presentation interactive and well-received but even our non-profit organization learned new lessons for developing our own customer relationships. We certainly welcome her back to speak at future events!”
- Alexandra Adler
Northeast Regional Director
Cleantech Open

After 2 straight years of recession-driven decreases in sales, I was concerned with day-to-day operations, current sales and trying to get my margins back. The Rapid Growth Program seminars provided me with the opportunity to look at the big picture and to develop my long-term goals with much greater clarity. The key tool was the 3-Year Rapid Growth Plan and strategies that Beth guided us through. I now have a 3-year plan and a plan for 5 years and beyond that I know will help me reach my goals. I constantly refer to the plan and it influences and guides me in all of my decisions from personnel and pricing, to a potential exit strategy down the road.
- Gary Moffie, CGR, CAPS
The Remodeling Company

“Motivating. Insightful. Engaging. Beth is an exceptional entrepreneur and educator. I admire her unrelenting commitment to bringing best-of-class marketing know-how to her clients and students.”
- Suzanne Otte
Director of Marketing
Boston University School of Management

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Marketing for Top Line Growth

  • 60 Days to a Tactical Marketing Action Plan
  • Marketing Accelerator Workshop
  • Understanding and Leveraging Customer Lifetime Value: Determining Which Clients to Keep and Which to Let Go
  • Insightful Customer Surveys that Fuel Growth
  • Gaining a Competitive Edge
  • Market Research on a Shoestring Budget
  • Online Social Media: Applying Old Rules With New
    Tools for Growth

Sales for Business Leaders

  • Personal Selling Skills for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • Making a Great First Impression with a Solid 
Elevator Pitch
  • Managing & Developing Solid Sales Leads
  • Networking ROI: How to Work the Room