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Sluggish sales, shrinking margins, fierce competition? Entrepreneurs approach us with these and other concerns on a regular basis. Below are products designed to help you overcome these challenges.


Lucky By Design Business Accelerator Webinar Series:
Receive a signed copy of Lucky By Design plus the 5-Hour Webinar Serie
s. Beth walks you through the steps of creating your own Lucky By Design Roadmap. Watch the five, one-hour webinars  or download and listen to the podcasts as often as you want.       Read More…
Lucky By Design Business Accelerator Package: $79

LUCKY BY DESIGN BOOK by Beth Goldstein

In her latest book, Lucky By Design, Beth details what it takes to get lucky in business and shows you simple, yet effective steps to navigate your path to success and design your own luck. Read More…
Lucky By Design Price: $15 plus $6 S&H

The ULTIMATE Small Business Marketing Toolkit by Beth Goldstein

Packed with 50 worksheets, real-life examples, and step-by-step instructions, this all-in-one resource guides you through eight easy-to-follow marketing milestones.

The ULTIMATE Small Business Marketing Toolkit Price: $25 plus $6 S&H

Selling To The Government Webinar Series

TriangleDebunking The Myths To Create Powerful And Effective Government Sales Programs
By Beth Goldstein and Gloria Berthold Larkin, President of TargetGov: $129

In this intensive, 6-part, web-based series, we explore the key issues and challenges business owners face when selling to the government. You’ll learn important sales and marketing tactics that positively impact your ability to make key personal connections with the people in government who buy what you sell. Each webinar is 60 minutes long and available for video viewing or can be downloaded as a podcast. You’ll receive both the Basic and Advanced Government Sales Techniques programs.

  • Art of the Pitch: Selling Benefits vs. Features
  • Solution Selling Techniques that Work
  • Sales Call Preparation for Decision Maker Meetings


  • Networking to Build Opportunities
  • Closing the Deal

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers