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Lucky By Design by Beth Goldstein

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Lucky By Design!

“Finally a book that deals with something that we all know, but rarely talk about – the role of luck, serendipity, and favorable circumstances in the attainment of our business and personal goals. It opens up our minds to the real factors and influences behind both our achievements and disappointments.”

– Peter Marton, Senior Business Advisor
SBDC – Clark University


“Lucky By Design is a must-read for any entrepreneur who has wondered why some people seem to consistently benefit from lucky breaks while others seem to just miss. Beth provides a clear and easy-to-follow process for any small business to improve their odds of success”
- Peter R. Russo, Director, Entrepreneurship Programs
Boston University School of Management


“Beth has taken her years of real-world experience and put it into an easy to read format. The conversational style of “The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Toolkit” mixed with simple frameworks and practice tips makes this a must read for any small business owner.”
- Dr. Candida Brush, Chair, Entrepreneurship Division
Babson College


“Lucky By Design shows that anyone can create luck in business with the right tools and effort. I feel lucky just to have read it!”
- Barbara Weltman
Big Ideas for Small Business®


“Read this book if you want to discover how to be lucky in business. Beth gives you the process. Follow it!”
- Ruth King, Small Business Financial Expert and Author of The Courage to be Profitable


“Lucky By Design is a great book for anyone interested in taking a business to the next level. This step-by-step process of using different worksheets and tools comprise a brilliantly detailed-oriented road map for any business.”
- James C. Barrood, Executive Director
Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship
Fairleigh Dickinson University

In her latest book, Lucky By DesignBeth Goldstein exposes the fallacies and dangers of underestimating your own ability to create powerful business opportunities. Working with thousands of entrepreneurs over a span of more than 25 years, Goldstein reveals solid evidence that it’s simply not enough to work hard, but you have to work smart and perform key business tactics to attract, recognize and seize lucky growth opportunities. Highlights of her survey of business owners showed that individuals who considered themselves to be lucky and whose businesses were impacted by luck were significantly (2 – 3 times) more heavily engaged in very specific business growth activities (i.e., market research, sales expansion) than people who thought luck had no impact on their business.

Goldstein uses this evidence to details what it takes to get lucky in business and shows you simple, yet effective steps to navigate your path to success and design your own luck. Lucky By Design will give you the insight and knowledge required to create a roadmap that empowers your business.

Lucky By Design Business Accelerator Webinar Series

As an additional tool to use when reading Lucky By Design, Beth has created a Business Accelerator Webinar Series, where she walks you through the steps of creating your Lucky By Design Roadmap. Watch the 5 webinars (each is approximately an hour) or download and listen to the podcasts as often as you want. Learn More About the Webinar Series…

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The ULTIMATE Small Business Marketing Toolkit
by Beth Goldstein


Whether you’re setting up shop or already have your business off the ground, you need proven marketing strategies that get new customers in the door and keep them coming back. The ULTIMATE Small Business Marketing Toolkit gives you the resources to do just that, with a wide variety of cost-effective marketing techniques you can use to turn your business vision into reality. Packed with 50 worksheets, real-life examples, and step-by-step instructions, this all-in-one resource guides you through eight easy-to-follow marketing milestones.  

Armed with the tools in this book (including an interactive CD-ROM with all 50 customizable worksheets), you’ll be ready to:

  • Develop targeted customer profiles
  • Get inside the minds of your customers
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Establish winning partnerships
  • Sell your brand to the world

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A portion of the proceeds of all Lucky By Design sales will be donated to Dress For Success.
Their mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.