Experience Matters

“Through her breadth of marketing experience, her excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for business, Beth brings creative and imaginative ideas that work well in this fast-paced world.”
- Holly Intravia, Director of Sales &
Marketing, Centage


“Beth’s advice was a key factor in the advancement of our success. She is extremely knowledgeable, hard working and creative in her customized approach, and a pleasure to work with.”
- Bill Pesanelli
BU Rehabilitation Services


“Your newsletter is the single most instructive and useful newsletter that I have ever received. …this is so applicable to my every day entrepreneurial existence that I’m saving it so that I can revisit it with each new opportunity that arises… Thanks for practicing what you preach!”
- Mike Elson, President
Custom Metalcraft®

Understanding who your customers are and the value you provide to them is a major factor in your ability to successfully grow a profitable business.

At Marketing Edge and the Edge Institute we answer the questions that keep business owners up at night:

  • What can I do to increase revenue and profit?
  • I’m working non-stop, so why isn’t my business accelerating at the pace I need it to?
  • Why do some individuals buy from me and others buy from my competitors?

Through research, surveys, interviews and one-on-one conversations with your customers, prospects and partners, we help you develop & launch targeted sales, marketing and business growth programs that generate revenue, increase loyalty and improve your top line.

Our services range from workshops and customized training programs to strategic consulting engagements. We support your goals in a variety of ways.

  • Sales and marketing consulting engagements
  • One-on-one coaching through MarketingEdge Coach™
  • Customized training programs and workshops
  • Self paced business accelerator webinars

Based outside of Boston, MA, we will help you navigate a path to success.